EnerNETMob Powering Europe's Electric Revolution

EnerNETMob project recognized the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and the need for a comprehensive application to manage and display an extensive network of EV charging stations across Europe. 

They asked for our services to develop a user-friendly application that would allow partners, such as local government bodies and charging station owners, to input and manage their charging stations.


The primary challenge was to create an intuitive and robust application that could handle a vast network of EV charging stations and provide real-time information to users. The application needed to support data input and management by multiple stakeholders, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information about charging stations. 

Furthermore, it had to handle a variety of electric vehicle models, their battery specifications, and plug types, requiring extensive data integration and validation.



Our approach was to develop a scalable and user-friendly application that would centralize information about EV charging stations, electric vehicle models, and related data. 
We aimed to create a platform that would allow partners to easily input and manage their charging stations while providing users with a comprehensive and interactive map-based interface to locate and access charging points.


To make this vision come to life, we leveraged modern web development technologies. We used a combination of front-end frameworks, such as Vue.js, for the user interface, and back-end frameworks, like Laravel/Laravel Nova, for handling data management, content management and communication with the database.

For the mapping functionality, we integrated Google Map API to display charging stations geographically and provide accurate directions to users.



The result of our efforts was the EnerNETMob application, a robust and user-friendly platform that enables partners to manage their EV charging stations efficiently. The application allows partners to input and update information about their stations, including location, available charging types, and pricing. Users can access the application's interactive map interface, search for nearby charging stations, and view detailed information about each station, such as availability, charging speed, and compatibility with their electric vehicle. 

The application also provides comprehensive data on electric vehicle models, battery specifications, and plug types, assisting users in making informed decisions about charging their vehicles. The successful pilot deployment of the application has paved the way for further expansion across Europe, contributing to the development of a reliable and accessible charging network for electric vehicles.

Team Project Manager | Back-end Developer | Front-end Developer | UX/UI Designer

Deliverables Web application

Highlights EnerNETMob was one of the first projects in which we tried Laravel Nova, a fast and robust way to build a full-fledged administration panel for Laravel applications. Laravel Nova includes features like searchable resource lists, filters, forms, actions, metrics, and authorization. It's built with Vue. js which integrates well with PHP Laravel because Laravel supports Vue. js as an out-of-the-box solution.