Character creation with motion capture technology

We design photo-realistic characters and bring them to life using advanced motion capture technology.

Character Development

In the realm of game development and digital media production, the demand for high-fidelity characters has always been paramount. However, achieving photorealistic characters with lifelike animations has been a challenging and time-consuming task. 


We explore the transformative impact of integrating MetaHuman Creator, a tool developed by Epic Games, into Unreal Engine 5, and its profound implications on character creation workflows.


Seamless Creation Process

The integration of MetaHuman Creator with Unreal Engine 5 streamlines the character creation process like never before. By leveraging MetaHuman's vast library of facial features, body types, and animations, developers can rapidly prototype and iterate on characters with unprecedented realism. The intuitive interface allows creators to customize every aspect of their characters, from facial expressions to body proportions, with remarkable ease. 

Moreover, the seamless integration with Unreal Engine 5 ensures that these high-fidelity characters can be brought to life within immersive virtual environments with unparalleled efficiency.

From Vision to Reality

By seamlessly combining character designs with Unreal Engine 5, development teams can significantly reduce creation time while elevating visual fidelity. These photorealistic characters not only enhance immersion but also unlock a realm of creative possibilities, blurring the line between reality and digital artistry. 


This integration represents a groundbreaking leap forward in character creation, empowering developers across various digital media applications to bring their imaginative visions to life with unprecedented speed and realism.

Facial Motion Capture