The Last Monarchy Advanced Design Techniques For A Web3 Game

Unreal Engine 5 and Blender empowered our team to craft a rich, immersive experience for the web3 strategy game The Last Monarchy.


The key challenge revolved around the sheer volume and diversity of design elements required for the game. Traditional design tools and techniques felt inadequate due to the expansive scope of the project and the high level of detail needed to create an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, integrating these elements seamlessly into a browser-based platform, while maintaining high performance, posed a significant technological challenge.



To overcome these hurdles, we decided to harness the power of modern 3D design tools and gaming engines. We went on to build a fairly large and comprehensive library of 3D models using Blender, thus offering scalable solutions for the game's extensive design needs. By leveraging Unreal Engine 5, we aimed to ensure the smooth integration of these models into the browser-based game while delivering high-quality graphics and performance.


Blender, an open-source 3D creation suite, became our primary tool for crafting the multitude of in-game design elements. Its flexibility, combined with our team's expertise, enabled the creation of a vast library of 3D models. Unreal Engine 5 played a pivotal role in the project, bridging the gap between high-quality design and browser-based gaming. Its advanced rendering capabilities ensured that the detailed 3D models were beautifully and efficiently displayed, creating a rich and immersive gaming environment.



Through our innovative approach and the use of cutting-edge technology, we provided the client with a scalable and visually stunning set of design elements. The comprehensive 3D model library has not only met the current needs of The Last Monarchy but also provides a solid foundation for future in-game design expansions. The high-quality visuals, seamless integration, and the elevated gaming experience we delivered ultimately added significant value to this ambitious project.

Team: 3D Designer | Unreal Engine Developer | Graphic Designer | UX/UI Designer | Audio Engineer | Composer | Art Director | Copywriter | Project Manager

Deliverables: Visual Identity | Character Design | Website | Teaser Trailer

Highlights: on top of all design work, we took over the audio design department of The Last Monarchy project and with the talent of our in-house composer developed original music for the teaser trailer