Traveler's Digital Upgrade Enhancing Luxury with Functionality

Explore how Traveler's website took a quantum leap forward, employing modern front-end and back-end technologies to deliver an immersive digital experience.


The primary challenge was to modernize the website's aesthetics while optimizing its performance and adding a robust automated booking and payment system. Moreover, a critical requirement was the two-way synchronization of property prices and occupancy with Orvas Villas' website ( via the MyRent system. This requirement posed a substantial technological challenge, as it necessitated seamless integration and real-time updates to maintain accuracy. Additionally, transferring and reformatting the existing database without causing any service disruption presented a significant technological challenge.



Our approach involved the deployment of state-of-the-art web development tools and frameworks to craft a visually captivating and highly functional platform. We aimed to create an immersive digital experience, capturing the unique luxury of the agency's offerings, while incorporating solid back-end systems for automation and efficient content management.


Front-end transformation was driven by Vue.js, coupled with Sass and Bootstrap for design and responsiveness. Languages such as JavaScript, HTML and SASS powered the core of our front-end operations. 
Back-end implementation hinged on the power of PHP, using Laravel framework, and Laravel Nova for dashboard construction. MySQL was our chosen database, with REST API development facilitating smooth data communication. We used Laravel as our key framework for the custom CMS system.



By blending modern technology with our experienced team's proficiency, we transformed Traveler's platform into a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and highly efficient site. The new website, complete with its revamped design, improved speed, and automatic booking system, enhances the user experience and reflects the luxury service Traveler provides. The addition of an efficient back-end dashboard ensured easy content management for the client, while the successful migration and formatting of the existing database guaranteed continuity of service. The site's extreme transformation enhances the potential for business growth in the competitive luxury travel market, leaving the client in the best possible position to scale their business.

Team: Back-end developer | Front-end developer | UI/UX Designer | Project Manager